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Bespoke Leadership Solutions.
Measurable Impacts.

KEASE International is the leader in the design and delivery of bespoke learning programs, that make a measurable impact to business metrics.

Our unique approach allows us to address critical needs within your organisation, providing teams with the capability, support and confidence to succeed. Our focus is to help organisations achieve a people-first culture where innovation, cohesion and financial reward thrives.

The Challenge Faced by Organisations

All around the world, workplaces, leaders and employees are being asked to “do more with less”.

Reduced staffing numbers are creating significant capability gaps, workplaces are struggling to maintain cohesive cultures amidst a growing remote workforce, and organisations are looking for support and guidance on how to motivate and inspire.

“At KEASE International, we have a bold vision to make a measurable impact on the business landscape by humanising leadership. We are passionate about helping to create workplaces that are inclusive, ethical, sustainable and leave a positive lasting impact.”

Sarah Yip

We are the KEASE to your success

For over 14 years we have been making significant impact in the leadership development sector. We are committed to equipping leaders with the skills of emotional, social and adaptive intelligence, and we are helping to future-proof organisations that embody empathy, user-centricity and a people-first approach.

Our core service offerings, listed below, are available as stand-alone solutions for your organisation, or as part of a broader package. To find out more, click one of the services below, or email us at

Capability Development

There is a big difference between ‘knowing’ & ‘doing’; at KEASE we believe in ‘Leadership in Action’.

What sets us apart from other learning providers is that our learning methodology is about uplifting leadership capability creating a people-first culture that drives engagement and business metrics.

Specialised Coaching

Even the best athletes need a coach, someone to confide in, to guide them through challenges & push them to excellence. Leadership is no different.

Our accredited coaches are on hand to work with your organisation's leadership team and achieve your business objectives.

Business Consultancy

In a rapidly changing work landscape, with increased time pressures and increased deliverables, organisations need solutions fast!

For a small annual fee, access our on-call support services, as well as our library of curated templates and resources on our digital platform MyLEAP.

Up to 33% improvement in productivity

We are able to report on an up to 33% increase in engagement, staff retention and productivity. 

Our programs have a 97% engagement rate because the capability development is relevant, practical and supported with coaching.

KEASE International are experts in facilitating strategic planning sessions. We have worked with Government departments, not-for-profits, ASX-200 listed companies and elite sporting organisations. We provide unrivalled expertise in change management and leadership endurance, a key requirement in today’s workplaces.

Our approach is to provide capability development to teams and leaders, to ensure they are equipped with the key capabilities for the future of work. Through this approach, we are helping organisations to thrive in a world of rapid change, complexity and uncertainty.

One day with KEASE International generated:

5 ideas that would enhance business processes, save resources and downtime

3 simple ideas that would generate an annual saving of more than half a million dollars

1 idea that would boost productivity by 78%

Would you like to achieve results like this? With KEASE International, you can.

If we can help you achieve results like this in one day, imagine what we could do over six months.

The team at KEASE International are expert facilitators and coaches, committed to helping organisations achieve great results that significantly impact business metrics. To achieve these results, we provide your people with:


Taking an organisation's process, identifying ways to improve it and formulating a business case.


Providing your people with the tools to turn that business case into a pitch.


Amplifying the capability and confidence of the team to deliver a winning pitch to the Executives of the organisation.

A mission built on kindness

The ‘K’ in KEASE stands for kindness, and we practice what we preach.  We give back to the community through our ticketing platform Humanitix ensuring that money from each ticket sold goes to education programs for Indigenous students.

KEASE International staff have been involved in pro-bono projects supplying mentoring and coaching services to The Queensland Servant Leadership Forum, Women in Technology and women who have been marginalised or underrepresented.

KEASE International is also proud to donate funds YourTown, Endeavour Foundation, Kids helpline and Share the Dignity.

Looking for more 1:1 support for your leaders?

KEASE International is the proud creator of the Leaders Lounge – a safe space for leaders to connect and thrive.

At the Leaders Lounge, our focus is on individual leadership development, where leaders of all levels can connect with one another, book coaching sessions or sign up to one of our events or programs.

KEASE Complimentary Assessment

Affinity Education Group

Brief overview of work done for this company.

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Sarah Yip has an authentic style that has connected with our people at all levels whether in small group workshops or full staff conferences. Sarah has incredible technical knowledge backed up by research or personal experiences. She has become a friend of AFL Queensland and a wonderful support to the development of our leaders and team members.
Dean Warren
Sarah Yip is an authentic, people-focused facilitator that delivers fantastic results for both individuals and organisations. Her leadership courses with AFL Queensland Limited over the past three years has been outstanding. We cannot recommend her highly enough!
Larissa Mouttou
State Manager - Media and Marketing

Residential Tenancies Authority

I recommend Sarah’s workshops to anyone that wants fresh, inspiring and enthusiastic energy unlike any other.
Antonella Spatola
Rental Tenancy Authority

Auswide Bank

Brief overview of work done for this company.

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New Hope Group

We partnered with KEASE International about 3 years ago with an initial engagement to deliver our Frontline leadership program. 

We were very impressed with the high level of delivery of that program which inspired and engaged our supervisors that we quickly realised KEASE International had more to offer our business.   

Since that time, KEASE International consultants have facilitated workshops, undertaken one on one coaching with senior leaders, designed and delivered a bespoke senior leadership program as well as designed and coordinated a leadership event for our senior leaders.

KEASE International is now an integrated part of our organisation with an in-depth understanding of what we do and how we do it along with an appreciation for where we are on our journey and what we are aspiring to achieve. 

They bring latest thinking to collaborate and design targeted and bespoke programs which deliver measurable results for our business.  Along with that expertise they also bring energy and passion and the ability to relate to all levels of leadership.  

Kim Franks

Executive General Manager People

Queensland Government

Sarah was my facilitator on an Emotional Intelligence program.
As my facilitator she made a lasting positive impact on my personal and professional development. 
She has an innate ability to connect with her audience and share knowledge in engaging and innovative ways. 
If you wish to unleash the potential of your workforce and empower your teams, engage the ever inspiring and authentic Sarah at KEASE and watch your workforce thrive. 

Chelsea Akers

Brisbane Marketing

As the People & Culture Manager at Brisbane Marketing; I have been working with Sarah Yip from KEASE International since November 2018 on a range of leadership and culture programs within our organisation.

Sarah is an extremely professional and exceptionally knowledgeable consultant who is well skilled at advising and guiding senior leaders on tackling complex and challenging business problems, from strategic leadership through to culture development and business coaching.

Since joining our team as a preferred consultant, Sarah has continued to wow the leadership team. After our first leadership team off-site in November, which Sarah facilitated, the feedback from across the leadership group was overwhelming, with comments such as: “Sarah is by far the best consultant we’ve ever worked with”, “Sarah was amazing at getting to the crux of the problem and helping us to workshop it”.

Since then, Sarah has continued to support us and has again facilitated another leadership event this year, which again got rave reviews from the team but, importantly we were for the first time really discussing the important issues, which was all down to Sarah’s involvement in the pre-work, agenda and then the delivery of the two and a half day session.

Sarah is able to effectively balance the delicate nature of challenging senior leaders to get them to think and act very differently when they return to the workplace. This is an extraordinary skill that is not to be underestimated.

As a People & Culture Manager in a stand-alone HRM position it’s very hard at times to work through some of the complex issues and problems that all organisations face from a people perspective. Since November, Sarah has become a trusted advisor for me in many ways, she has a way of breaking down the issues and workshopping them through and provides wise counsel of which we (and I) have hugely benefited from.

Overall, Sarah has had a huge impact on our business and we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Sarah and KEASE International in to the future.

Abigail Chambers

People & Culture Manager

Elixir Management

As a provider we aim to offer continuous growth and development in our company through various training methods. Sourcing a training facilitator to cater for the different levels of capacity within the industry is extremely challenging. Five years ago, I attended a training session with Sarah Yip who not only inspired but challenged me through her session, five years later, I continue to use her vast array of training and services in every company I have worked for. Each business requiring different outcomes from each session.

A great testament to Sarah is her ability to listen to a small briefing (I don’t have a lot of time) of what we are looking for in each individual training session and tailor it in alignment with out companies’ vision and values, this immensely supports us as a company to eliminate any mixed messages on expectations.

At each of our training sessions we offer a feedback form and every session we are requested by employees for her to attend again. She greets the team with a warm and welcoming energy and connects with each individual ensuring that everyone gets the most out of her sessions.

Her interpersonal skills, knowledge, professionalism and humour merge to keep you captivated anywhere from a few hours to a whole day session. While being very observant of the team, she will often support anyone who might be challenged through the session ensuring that everyone is feeling confident and full of knowledge prior to leaving each session.

I would highly recommend Sarah to any company or individual seeking growth and development for their teams.

Nelesha Brennan

Operations Manager Elixir Management

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

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Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse

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Mervin Chiang

AI & Robotics Guru

I am passionate about creatively turning ideas into business realities. I thrive at helping and mentoring others to do the same.

I work with Senior Managers and business who have the challenge of bringing all things Digital, AI and Robotics into their organisation to stay current and modern. I help them plan for this transition at the strategic, operational and cultural levels.

Ross Fazel

C-Suite Confidential

I am your ‘no-BS’confidential advisor and coach – with a long history of working with ASX200 companies. I am sought-after for my straight-forwardness and objective assessment and advice.

I work with C-Suite and senior leaders who face the challenge of navigating modern business transformation. Armed with an objective eye and a big picture focus, I distil complex scenarios into actions that are easy to understand and implement.

Sarah Yip

Founder KEASE International

For the past 14 years Sarah has created a reputation for innovative learning programs that embed learning outcomes. She is highly sought after for her consultancy, facilitation & public speaking skills throughout Australia and SE Asia. 

Sarah is the accredited principal facilitator for GENOS Ignite, Wiley Everything DiSC, 5 Behaviours of a cohesive team and Productive Conflict programs.

Sarah is well respected on an international level as a subject matter expert in Applied Emotional Intelligence, Mindful Leadership and Applied Positive Psychology in the workplace.

Clients including NEW HOPE Group praise her ability to deliver measurable results. Sarah’s strength is her ability to work in partnership with an organisation and create cutting-edge and relevant learning programs that ensure leaders are equipped to lead in the digital age.

Trang Mai

Virtual Assistant

I am passionate about helping leaders with their administrative needs that is required in maintaining, sustaining and growing a business.

I work with organisations to document processes and work with you on creating business process efficiencies.

Tracey Hawthorn

Workplace Wellbeing Specialist

I am passionate about helping people thrive at work and in their lives.

I work with educators, employees, managers and leaders who have the challenge of understanding and supporting positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

I help to show employees skills on self-awareness and self-management with an emphasis on maintaining a healthy balance with work and life.  I help managers and leaders create a workplace culture that promotes and fosters wellbeing.

Helen Tran-Nguyen

Career Development Consultant

I am passionate about people developing fulfilling careers.

I provide coaching for senior professionals seeking development and transition. Through a human centered approach, I help clients build rewarding careers by challenging their thinking and increasing awareness of self.


Peabody Energy

I attended a leadership program facilitated by Sarah Yip of KEASE International because my career path was starting to include leadership aspects that weren’t covered in my technical qualifications.

Sarah helped me by coaching me over the course of 12 months in the fundamental skills of leadership that I needed to take the next step in my career. She helped fill in the gaps of knowledge I did have around making people and processes, corrected a few misconceptions along the way and gave me a framework that I could use to see the bigger picture.

The result was that I was able to immediately apply the concepts covered with the confidence to get results. Within a year I was successful in an application for a Senior position and am now the leader of a talented and diverse team working across multiple sites. My daily work involves stakeholder engagement, expectations management, budgeting, project management, work scoping, performance management, pitching ideas and mentoring of the team.

Sarah was able to create a safe and encouraging space for a very diverse group to contribute in ways that they wouldn’t normally feel comfortable. She was also able to very quickly understand the group dynamic and the needs of the individuals in the group and expertly tailored her delivery of the material to suit the audience.

I found the experience extremely rewarding as it highlighted my skill areas that needed work and provided me the tools to work with these challenges to overcome them.

I would recommend Sarah Yip of KEASE International to people whose career is moving forward and want to be able to proficiently lead a technical team in this ever changing business world.

Lindsay Smith

Senior Exploration Geologist Peabody Energy