Queensland businesswoman Sarah Yip embraces collaboration and diversity to earn finalist slot in 2020 Women’s Business AusMumpreneur Awards

Not every Queensland mum can boast such lofty goals (and achievements) as Brisbane leadership development coach, Sarah Yip. Determined to positively impact a million people through her business, KEASE International, Sarah has stepped up and earned herself  not one, but three nominations in the 2020 Women’s Business AusMumpreneur Awards.

Sarah is a finalist in three categories in the awards, which celebrate and recognise Australian mums achieving outstanding business success, including:

  • Multicultural Business Excellence
  • Making a Difference in Business
  • Business-to-Business Service


Sarah’s bold approach to business – diversity and flexibility

Sarah attributes her success to her management and recruitment choices. By providing flexible and inclusive business practices for her employees, Sarah has created a work environment that allows other highly experienced working mothers to continue to contribute and utilise their extensive expertise whilst maintaining a steady family life. Working mothers comprise 80% of her team. And with impressive international CVs behind them, professionals are attracted to the KEASE International ethos of delivering impact and value for clients and whilst collaborating in a flexible work environment.

“Our business has created the space for our team to thrive. If you enable people to flourish on their own terms, they will not only enjoy their work more, but also deliver higher quality work,” explains Sarah.


Understanding the balance of high-quality work and a neurodiverse family

As a mother of two young children with autism, Sarah walks the talk in leveraging the diverse strengths & talents of everyone in her team. They include working mothers, people aged over 50, those from culturally diverse backgrounds, or with neurodivergent conditions including autism and ADHD.

“The current business landscape demands innovators, creators and problem-solvers; in a corporate setting, this is when we often hear the phrase ‘think outside the box’. However, when you have a corporate culture of diversity and proactively include people who are already outside the box, it creates a fast-pass to innovative and agile solutions.


Introducing: KEASE International Leaders Lounge… a mentoring resource for leaders during the pandemic and beyond

KEASE International used this innovative and agile approach when it came to the pandemic by creating Leaders Lounge in March 2020. This came after they identified the need for leaders to connect and seek reputable coaching and mentoring on how to navigate the complexities of working in an agile and remote environment.

By creating a safe place for leaders to connect and interact with a panel of leadership coaches, Leaders Lounge was able to help over 200 leaders throughout Australia and overseas navigate the past 6 months. The impact of Leaders Lounge has led to an Australian-first service, which will be officially launched in September, ‘on-call leadership coaching.’

As a testament to its ongoing success during the pandemic, KEASE International has retained all its clients, and continues to attract new clients, including ASX200 listed companies. Sarah is feeling positive about the rest of 2020 and continuing to practice what she preaches to her business clients: being inclusive, adaptive and agile – in any environment.

Learn more about KEASE at www.kease.com.au and Leaders Lounge at www.leaderslounge.com.au Read more about the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards at www.ausmumpreneur.com. Winners will be announced at an online event in September.

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