Bardon Businesswoman recognised in Woman in Business Awards

KEASE Managing Director, Sarah Yip, has been recognised with an Awardee Merit, at the 2019 Women in Business Awards, held on Friday night 27th September.

Recently placing third in the 2019 AusMumpreneur Awards, Sarah Yip is a self-made success story. The Bardon mother of two, who also runs two successful international businesses (and currently in start-up phase for a third), has an incredibly inspiring vision for the future – but it hasn’t always been easy.

Bullied through her school years, suffering anxiety and a victim of domestic violence through University, Sarah made the courageous decision to turn her life around. She embarked on a 12 month journey to find herself and consumed every book she could get her hands on about self-esteem, leadership, cognitive behaviour therapy and empowerment. It was toward the end of this journey when she discovered her life purpose – to take everything she had learnt and teach it to others. It was at this point that she set herself a mission to impact the lives of one million people.

Today, as Managing Director of KEASE International, a business she founded fourteen years ago, Sarah delivers keynotes around the world on the topic of human-centred leadership. She works with ASX200 listed companies to deliver tailored leadership programs which empower and inspire business leaders to lead in a more compassionate and emotionally-intelligent way.

For Sarah, it’s all about helping people to human better, particularly in this era of Digital Transformation. “I was inspired to start this business because I wanted to make a positive impact to workplaces through enabling leaders to become more Emotionally and Socially Intelligent,” states Yip. “Essentially, I’m steering a course for a place for humanity in the future of work.”

However, it doesn’t end there for Sarah. As part of her mission to impact the lives of one million people, Sarah ensures that a portion of her time is channelled into helping those less fortunate and is known for her passion in empowering women and Indigenous groups. Sarah also founded ‘BiAS- Brisbane Inclusive Activities and Sports’ to educate service providers on how to offer services for neuro-diverse children. She has established many community partnerships in providing a space for children to thrive.

So what’s next on the agenda for Sarah and her business KEASE? Sarah is currently on a Global Roadshow delivering a number of inspirational talks on human-centred leadership. KEASE is also about to launch a mobile platform, which will allow employees and business leaders track their leadership and skill development progress in real time, at a pace that suits them. “We want people to feel accountable to their own development, and this platform will allow exactly that. It’s all part of making it easier and more accessible for more people to human better.”