Queensland mum of two and successful business woman Sarah Yip has been recognised in the 2019 AusMumpreneur of the year Awards, placing third in the category of Queensland Business Excellence.

Fourteen years ago Sarah founded KEASE International with the aim of inspiring one million leaders to ‘be a better human’. Today, she delivers keynotes around the world on the topic of Human Centred Leadership in an era of Digital Transformation.

Sarah’s motivation is to leave the world a better place, especially for her two young children Sabre and Sabine, who are both on the Autism spectrum. “I want to make sure my kids to grow up in a world where humanity still exists, in a world that’s inclusive, ethical and sustainable,” explains Sarah.

The AusMumpreneur Network, who run the AusMumpreneur Awards each year, is Australia’s #1 community for Australian Mums running their own businesses; a community that supports, elevates and inspires thousands of women to create their own businesses that work around their family life.

When asked how Sarah manages motherhood and business, she subscribes to the three C’s: “I choose to spend quality time with my kids, even if its just thirty minutes at the start and end of each day, I make that time count.
“I also set clear boundaries. My work is never at the expense of family time, and if I have to travel for more than three nights, the whole family comes with me.

“Lastly, I make sure I have a supportive community of family and friends that my kids trust and are on-hand to help, and I’m incredibly lucky to have a husband who is the stay at home Dad for our two kids. In my business I surround myself with a network of other talented and driven Mumpreneurs.”

Having a strong network of other successful Mumpreneurs has also allowed Sarah to scale and grow, taking her business international. “I’ve surrounded myself with other Mumpreneurs who are experts in Administration, Marketing and Automation. This has allowed me to focus on securing ASX200 listed companies, Government departments and elite sporting codes include AFL Queensland and AFL Northern Territory,” says Yip.

Sarah is well-respected by C-Suite and Executive leaders and she works collaboratively to ensure that organisations are prepared with the skills for the future of work. She is highly sought after for her
keynotes, consultancy and facilitation throughout Australia and SE Asia. Abigail Chambers, People and Culture Manager from Brisbane Marketing, has brought Sarah on board as a Consultant on a range of leadership and culture programs, and has had overwhelming feedback from employees “Since joining our team as a preferred consultant, Sarah has continued to wow the leadership team. After our first leadership team off-site in November, which Sarah facilitated, the feedback from across the leadership group was overwhelming.” Chambers goes on to explain Sarah’s unique skills in delicately challenging senior leaders, “Sarah is able to effectively balance the delicate nature of challenging senior leaders to get them to think and act very differently when they return to the workplace. This is an extraordinary skill that is not to be underestimated,” says Chambers.

Sarah also offers up her valuable time to a range of not-for-profit organisations and is always available to impart her knowledge and wisdom. For people looking to start their own businesses, Sarah believes a strong nurturing network is key. “Firstly, I wish I knew that you didn’t have to have all the answers before you started. Secondly, make sure you build and nurture your network and your network will in turn support you.”

Sarah is also a finalist in the Women in Business Awards and will soon be starting her Global Roadshow, with her first stop in Hawaii. She will also be running a Workshop in Brisbane in October, called Humanology: Human Centred Leadership in a Technology Driven World (tickets on sale through www.kease.com.au/events)