KEASE facilitator Ross


Ross is a director at KEASE and an acccomlished MBA level educator, requested mentor and executive coach.

With over 30 years of marketing & sales management experience in ASX 100 companies in digitally transformed sectors of media, telecommunications and  entertainment, Ross confidently imparts his knowledge on how to create healthy and high high-performing teams. Drawing on his wealth of knowledge Ross incorporates colorful analogies and humor to make his presentations memorable and engaging.

Ross challenges fixed mindsets and ineffective workplace practices; daring participants to stretch their thinking for the 21st Century and beyond. Ross is results orientated and is strongly focused on the transference of learning and creating an environment where attendees can embed new behaviors and practices in the workplace.

Ross is described as an articulate and intelligent individual with a high level of business acumen and integrity. Dedicated and passionate about working with organizations to generate long-lasting solutions. 

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