KEASE philosophy, values and approach

At the heart of what we do at KEASE is unlock potential and we design our courses to ensure that result in the transfer of learning through the development of skills, positive behaviours and abilities into the workplace.

We use the 70/20/10 learning framework in the development of our courses and programs.

Our sessions are immersive and engaging with participants active in the learning journey through challenges, simulated play, shared learning and reflection.

We also incorporate applied neuroscience and emotional intelligence into our sessions to ensure retention of key messages.

We believe that learning is best achieved when we are having FUN, so we play, we discover and we laugh. We have a reputation for supercharging performance through our innovative workshops.

A KEASE extended learning program is purpose built to ensure the application of learning in the workplace through fortnightly challenges.

Fortnightly challenges are designed to be a fun and engaging way for participants to continue to apply their learning in the workplace. Creating a GROWTH mindset the challenges are used in conjunction with self-reflection to document a continued learning journey and success in application of skills.

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