About us

Our story:

Over the past decade, we have grown to be a respected Learning & Development consultancy in the field of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Productive Team Dynamics, both in Australia & SE Asia.

Our difference:

We believe your business deserves more than an off-the-shelf/one-size-fits all learning solution. At KEASE we partner with your business to provide businesses with exclusive access to world-class L&D tools from GENOS and WILEY designed to measure key leadership capabilities of emotional intelligence, leadership impact, communication, conflict resolution and team cohesiveness.

Our cornerstone product is the ability to evaluate learning and provide a Return on Investment report on selected programs.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that learning is best achieved when we are having FUN, so we play, we discover and we laugh. We incorporate applied neuroscience and positive psychology into our sessions to ensure retention of key messages.

We have a reputation for supercharging performance through our innovative sessions.



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