Who are we?


Sarah has proven to consistently embed learning outcomes and is highly sought after for her consultancy, facilitation & public speaking skills throughout Australia and SE Asia.

With over a decade of experience in Corporate Learning & Development industry, across a diverse range of industries. Sarah will partner with your organisation to develop and contextualise training outcomes; ensuring that all learning programs are current and relevant to YOUR business needs. With an in-depth understanding of human behaviour, Sarah consistently delivers practical workplace solutions.

She is a vibrant facilitator able to engage groups with the right mix of humour, theory, practical activity and self-reflection. Sarah’s varied professional experience allows her to provide substantial and poignant anecdotes and examples of past experience in management, operations and strategic organisational positions. Sarah’s varied background in finance, sales and international business makes her an engaging and dynamic facilitator for a wide range of businesses and industry sectors.

Led by a passion for life-long learning and a core value of integrity, Sarah seeks every opportunity to inspire others to activate their ‘call to action’. Sarah’s vision and motivation is to inspire the creation of healthy & productive work environments that embed the practices of emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

Incorporating the principles of neuro-science and positive psychology into her facilitation practices, participants’ walk away inspired to unleash their potential.



Ross is an MBA level educator, requested mentor and executive coach.

With over 20 years of marketing & sales management experience  across digitally transformed sectors of media, telecommunications, contact centres  and entertainment, Ross confidently imparts his knowledge on how to create healthy self-directed teams. Drawing on his wealth of knowledge Ross incorporates colourful analogies and humour to make his presentations memorable and engaging.

Ross challenges fixed mindsets and ineffective workplace practices; daring participants to stretch their thinking for the 21st Century and beyond. Ross is results orientated and is strongly focused on transference of learning and creating an environment where attendees can embed new behaviours and practices in the workplace.  

Ross is described as an articulate and intelligent individual with a high level of business acumen and integrity. Dedicated  and passionate in working with organisations to generate long lasting solutions. Ross is consistently referred to as an excellent mentor, coach & trainer.


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