What have you done today to fill your bucket?

The stresses of everyday life can drain our buckets of resilience faster than we realise. What have you done today to fill your bucket? Better yet someone else’s bucket? Here are some bucket filling ideas:
Be kind- yourself included
Be grateful- everyday
Listen & accept without the need to correct
Thank someone who has made a positive difference in your life
Get curious & learn something new
Revisit an old friendship
Go for a walk in nature & soak up your surroundings
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International Women’s Day – Resources Industry Awards for Women

Thank you Kim Franks for inviting me to the #QRC and #WIMARQ International Women’s Day breakfast. Congratulations to Jo-Anne Dudley winner of the Resources Awards for women. Thank you to Rachael Robertson for your inspirational talk on Leadership in the Antarctic, I was impressed that the expedition the recruitment policy highlights the importance of #EmotionalIntelligence in leadership and team work.

Kim Franks New Hope Group

Kim Franks from the New Hope Group addresses the Resource Industry Awards for Women on International Women’s Day at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Rachel Robinson, Sarah Yip and Jo-Anne Dudley.

L to R: Rachael Robinson – Antarctic Expedition Leader, yours truly Sarah Yip, KEASE and Jo-Anne Dudley, winner of the Women in Resource Award.

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