What brings you joy?

What brings you joy? When was the last time you did something joyful? What could you do more of to bring greater joy into your life? Enhancing Emotional Intelligence and resilience starts with self-awareness. The questions above are designed to invite you to pause and reflect. We are too often on autopilot, doing what we have to do and not doing any of the things we find joyful. So take a moment now and reflect, find and engage with your joy, because when you engage with your joy you are making a proactive step towards resilience.


How being empathetic can benefit both you and others

When under #stress we know that cortisol is released, did you know that oxytocin is also released? Our body releases a chemical to help us connect as a way to manage the stressful situation. Recently, on my 8 hour flight from Singapore on Qantas QF52, due to fog in Brisbane it became a 15 hour flight. I was tired, my children were over it and I felt stressed and could feel my #anxiety building. Not long afterwards Vicki the supervisor came by as she did for everyone and checked in, to see how we were. I looked her in the eyes and connected, I replied “I am tired and over it, I just realised though how tired you and your team must be. You are all doing a fantastic job of keeping everyone comfortable even though you have been on your feet for 15 hours.” We chatted for a bit and didn’t feel so stressed afterwards. You see, when you embrace the oxytocin and with those around you, the stressful situation becomes manageable. Reach out and connect.

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Totally addicted to busy

Totally addicted to BUSY
A Buddhist monk who was a senior member of His Holiness Dalai Lama’s contingent taught me a lesson I have never forgotten.

Given a private audience of 15 minutes with him, I graciously thanked him acknowledging how busy he must be. In that moment, he held my hand, looked me in the eye and said: “child, I am here with you, listening to you, seeing you, there is no busy.”

When we are present, there is no busy. 
When you replace “I’m busy” with “I’m focusing on…” you break the cycle of addiction to being busy.

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Dr Happy

Emotional Intelligence is an applied practice which is demonstrable in behaviour & observable by others. By actively seeking out how well you are demonstrating EI, you can proactively develop 6 key areas to be the best leader you can be. Ask me how you can get a 180 or 360 degree report on your workplace #emotionalintelligence