How being empathetic can benefit both you and others

When under #stress we know that cortisol is released, did you know that oxytocin is also released? Our body releases a chemical to help us connect as a way to manage the stressful situation. Recently, on my 8 hour flight from Singapore on Qantas QF52, due to fog in Brisbane it became a 15 hour flight. I was tired, my children were over it and I felt stressed and could feel my #anxiety building. Not long afterwards Vicki the supervisor came by as she did for everyone and checked in, to see how we were. I looked her in the eyes and connected, I replied “I am tired and over it, I just realised though how tired you and your team must be. You are all doing a fantastic job of keeping everyone comfortable even though you have been on your feet for 15 hours.” We chatted for a bit and didn’t feel so stressed afterwards. You see, when you embrace the oxytocin and with those around you, the stressful situation becomes manageable. Reach out and connect.

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