Leadership development for the digital age


Are your leaders ready to lead in the digital age?

85% of business leaders don’t believe their staff have the capability and skills for their digital strategy - State of Digital Business report

So how does your company stack up?

Are your staff equipped with the skills and capabilities to turn digital strategy into reality?

KEASE is at the forefront of providing of leaders with the skills and capabilities to tackle the workplace challenges of the digital age. We deliver on our promise with a Return on Investment report on selected programs.

For the past 12 years, we have been delivering results for leaders at:


Who we are


Sarah Yip

Managing Director

For the past 12 years Sarah has created a reputation for innovative learning programs that embed learning outcomes. She is highly sought after for her consultancy, facilitation & public speaking skills throughout Australia and SE Asia. 

Sarah is the accredited principal facilitator for GENOS Ignite, Wiley Everything DiSC, 5 Behaviours of a cohesive team and Productive conflict programs.

Sarah is well respected on an international level as a subject matter expert in Applied Emotional Intelligence, Mindful Leadership and Applied positive psychology in the workplace.

Clients including NEW HOPE Group praise her ability to deliver measurable results. Sarah’s strength is her ability to work in partnership with an organisation and create a cutting-edge and relevant learning programs that ensure leaders are equipped to lead in the digital age.


We have subject matter experts in creative thinking, design, technology, strategy and emotional intelligence. Our team of consultants are experienced across a diverse range of industries including industrial design, mining, telecommunications, media, retail and NFP. 

You can be assured that you will have the right person on your project.


How we work with you


We can help shape your learning journey

  • For 12 years we have been creating bespoke learning programs

  • Undertake a snap-shot analysis using our bespoke learning analysis tool

  • Receive a suggested learning report based on the outcomes of the analysis


We can design & develop a comprehensive learning strategy

  • Undertake our comprehensive, organization-wide “Digital Age Leadership Readiness assessment”. 

  • A recommendation report with customized learning journey will be mapped out

  • ROI reporting based on real learning application



Selection & psychometric tools



What people say

I recommend Sarah’s workshops to anyone that wants fresh, inspiring and enthusiastic energy unlike any other.
— Antonella Spatola, Rental Tenancy Authority

“As my facilitator Sarah made a lasting positive impact on my personal and professional development. She has an innate ability to connect with her audience and share knowledge in engaging and innovative ways. If you wish to unleash the potential of your workforce and empower your teams engage the ever inspiring and authentic Sarah at KEASE and watch your workforce thrive.

Chelsea Akers, Manager Department of Transport & Main Roads

“Sarah was an extremely engaging presenter from start to finish keeping it fun and interesting and involving us right throughout. Sarah brought real life examples to the table, made the content relevant to OUR lives and work and gave us practical tools to take away and apply. If you ever get the opportunity to attend a session with Sarah or send your team I would highly recommend you do so and can assure you will have a great time and gain a lot of value out of the time.” 

Amanda Price, Queensland Motorways

A great testament to Sarah is her ability to listen to a briefing and deliver a bespoke learning solution that aligns with our company’s vision, values & strategic direction. I would highly recommend KEASE to any company who is seeking to grow and develop their leaders for the future.
— Nelesha Brennan- Operations manager Elixir Management

“Sarah Yip facilitated one of the most engaging and interesting courses I have ever attended. Sarah has a genuine personality and a brilliant ability to bring people together.”

Thomas Bell, Member Engagement Manager RACQ