Creating leaders for the 4th industrial revolution

With the nature of work rapidly changing through the increase of digitalisation, automation and artificial intelligence; it is only natural that the way we work, the way we think and the way we lead, needs to change too. The problem facing many organisations today is that business leaders lack the necessary skills to embrace and lead their organisations through this revolutionary change.

KEASE is the only corporate learning and development consultancy in Australia that partners with organisations to custom design a solution that focuses on developing leadership capability for the fourth industrial revolution (which commences in 2020) as identified by the World Economic Forum:

Complex problem solving
Critical thinking
People management
Coordinating with others
Emotional intelligence
Judgement and decision making
Service orientation
Cognitive flexibility

The KEASE approach is also unique in that we offer:
Objective measurement reports on demonstrated leadership skills prior and post learning programs
Bespoke design of learning programs ensures that we can apply a modified intervention strategy based on the needs of your organisation
A neuroscientific approach to learning that involves; graduated applied skills development, reflection and coaching
A Return on Investment report on learning

To stay significant in the marketplace and be a leader in your industry it is vital that your business as a strategy to ensure leaders have the necessary skills to lead in 2020 and beyond.

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